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For SaaS platforms, CRM/ERP systems, and Apps, seeking to provide their customers any WhatsApp API functionality under their brand. We take responsibility for the gateway's operability and offer dedicated resources for seamless management of customer accounts

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WhatsApp API reseller partner program

Why choose Whapi.Cloud

Negotiating with us is simple and flexible: we are ready to discuss convenient terms and offer you one of the most cost-effective API accesses available on the market.
  • Pay as you go

    In addition to receiving volume discounts for customer accounts, we also provide the flexibility of postpaid payment options

  • Free Trial for your clients

    We offer a 5-day demo trial for your customers, entirely free of charge to you. This increases the chances of converting potential customers into buyers of your product

  • Excellent Responsive Support

    You will be provided with a dedicated support line that will be on call during our extensive working hours. We are always in touch and open to dialogue!

Let's take a look at which WhatsApp API provider might be right for you?

Comparison of approaches of other providers and Whapi.Cloud

Other providers 😳

  • Support often responds with on-duty replies, and the wait for a response can reach several hours;

  • The methods work very slow with delays, sometimes hooks or messages are lost;

  • The functionality is limited and there is no way to impact its expansion;

  • Your customers are required to undergo account moderation and number verification;

  • The billing system contains many variables related to the number of messages, features used, support fees, etc.;

  • To do something with your customer's account, you need to write to the provider's support;

  • You don't get the attention you deserve because you're a startup and you're not ready to connect 50-100 customers at once;

Whapi.Cloud 🤩

  • We are always on the line and will always help you with an accurate and meaningful response;

  • Fast API response rate and webhooks for any events;

  • Use API for groups, channels, statuses (stories), products and baskets;

  • Simple and clear customer onboarding in one minute;

  • Clear payment system. You pay a fixed price for active access to the API;

  • You will be provided with an API and interface to manage your customers' accounts completely autonomously;

  • We are available for meetings with you, discuss all the details and help you get started on special conditions;

Add WhatsApp API to your business offering

Our partners benefit from exclusive access to our dedicated Partner API & interface, designed for streamlined and efficient management of client accounts

Our API is an Inhouse development, designed to help SMBs integrate WhatsApp without a lot of hassle and expense. Our solution is not a copy of open access libraries, we provide more features, more security and operational improvements.

We will help you step-by-step with every step of integration and interaction of our WhatsApp API and Partner API with your service
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WhatsApp API White Label Partner
Flow client connections

White Label Partnership


Set up account creation

Create accounts for your customers via API


Provide authorization

Give them a QR-code or OTP to pair their number


Automate customer WhatsApp

Use any function in the API to automate WhatsApp

WhatsApp API Reseller Program

WhatsApp API White Label Pricing

For Partners

$5 to $12 / number

Fault-tolerant service with excellent support

  • Fast Live Support: Live chat, real-time responses

  • Partner Interface & API for managing customer accounts

  • Unlimited API access to groups, channels, products, orders and webhooks

  • Free trial for your customers

  • Personal manager and possibility of meetings

Let's talk about White Label right now
Unique Features

Check out the WhatsApp API

We regularly update new features to improve your experience. If you are looking for a missing feature, please contact our support team.

WhatsApp Channel
Create a channel to share updates and connect with your followers directly through our API WhatsApp
WhatsApp Groups
Automate WhatsApp group creation, add and delete members, send messages to the group, receive notifications about any events in the group
Write first
Quick start without moderation gives you full unlimited access to receive and send messages
You can easily track many activities in your WhatsApp with webhooks. These webhooks cover a multitude of events (Messages, Statuses, Chats, Groups, Presences, Calls and more)
Supports Sending & Receiving Media Files
You can send and receive all type of media files including Images, Videos, Documents, Location, Audio , Voice Memo, Stickers.
Orders & Products
Automate the operation of your store right in WhatsApp! Take orders in messenger, forward them to your CRM, send order statuses back to WhatsApp
Highly Scalable
250+ Through Put Per Second (TPS) with 99.5% Uptime. Send & Receive up to 100 messages in a minute, with the ability to scale this value
WhatsApp Mass Checker
Mass checking the existence of numbers in WhatsApp (whether they have WhatsApp installed). Check any numbers from any country
Get Display Name & Picture
Whenever someone sends messages get their public display name and profile picture
WhatsApp Statuses (like Stories)
Our API Status lets you share text, photo, video, and GIF updates that disappear after 24 hours. You can send and receive status updates
Get Real Time Delivery & Read Reports
You will get the exact and realtime delivery, read, play reports of the messages sent
Connection via phone number
You can now link a device using your primary account phone number and a one-time code. Up to 4 linked devices can be linked without the need to keep your primary phone connected
Trusted by 500+ Customers from 17+ Countries

API WhatsApp Customers

Our REST API has been developed for coders to be extremely easy to use and accessible to everyone, regardless of programming language or frameworks. Check out the API documentation to learn how to send bulk messages, work with groups, check account availability, and much more

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“Automation allows you to send automatic responses when people text our numbers.
This serves our customers on Whatsapp 24/7.”

jurgen k. / Web Developer

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“We integrated Whatsapp into our CRM and trained our chatbot to automatically answer common questions.”

foden p. / Developer

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“We made our WhatsApp Bulk Messaging Tool, which helps us easily deliver messages to multiple WhatsApp numbers.”

Kerry T. / CTO

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