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Whapi.Cloud - WhatsApp Automation Platform

WhatsApp API for developers

With WhatsApp API send messages & receive messages and automate groups using HTTP requests. It's a solution that's easily scalable and provides unlimited stability.

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Whapi.Cloud - Enterprise-Level API

WhatsApp without limits

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WhatsApp API Send Messages

Integrate WhatsApp to your own services or apps

Even a novice programmer can quickly integrate a CRM, ERP or website through our Whatsapp API. With our detailed tutorials and code examples for sending and receiving text, media and files - build a bot or make any integration.

  • API works stably and does not crash during updates
  • Easily scalable solution
  • Multi-device WhatsApp no longer needs a phone connection
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Inhouse Developed & Managed

Whapi.Cloud is Developer-friendly API for WhatsApp integration

Utilize the powerful WhatsApp API send messages feature to effortlessly transmit, receive, and monitor WhatsApp interactions.
Pair your number, set up your webhook and start testing the API, and if you have any questions, our support is always available and ready to help!

Any preferred language can be connected to WhatsApp API via JSON API. You will find documentation, manuals and examples, as well as help from our support

You have full control of the WhatsApp Group API that lets you create a group, add/remove a participant, and send/receive a message

User-defined HTTP callbacks are triggered when a message is received or the delivery status is changed
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Trusted by 500+ Customers from 17+ Countries

API WhatsApp Customers

Our REST API has been developed for coders to be extremely easy to use and accessible to everyone, regardless of programming language or frameworks. Check out the API documentation to learn how to send bulk messages, work with groups, check account availability, and much more

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of user requests we process with a high level of stability

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“Automation allows you to send automatic responses when people text our numbers.
This serves our customers on Whatsapp 24/7.”

jurgen k. / Web Developer

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“We integrated Whatsapp into our CRM and trained our chatbot to automatically answer common questions.”

foden p. / Developer

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“We made our WhatsApp Bulk Messaging Tool, which helps us easily deliver messages to multiple WhatsApp numbers.”

Kerry T. / CTO

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WhatsApp API Pricing

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Sandbox Plan

Free / month

The plan for integration development is not limited in functionality, but it has its restrictions:

  • No more than 5 conversations per month

  • No more than 150 messages per day

  • No more than 30 checks for WhatsApp accounts per day

  • No more than 1,000 API calls per month

  • Technical support

  • Help with migration from another API

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Developer Plan

$29 / month

33% off

Fault-tolerant service with excellent support

  • Unlimited sending and receiving of messages & media

  • Full API access to groups, channels, products, orders and webhooks

  • No limits on all WhatsApp API functionality

  • Fast Live Chat Support

  • Help with migration from another Provider + 14 days free of charge

The price is specified for connection of one number. The more numbers you connect, the cheaper API access will be

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