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Check if a number is on WhatsApp

The free Check WhatsApp numbers Tool

Mass checker via API? Sure!

This tool was created using our public API that you can access too with your Whapi.Cloud account. You can consult the status of a phone number via our HTTP API. One simple call and you can obtain all the necessary information you need. However, if you want a truly massive multi-stream number check, write to us - we have a special offer for you
Additional features: online verification, last visit dates and more
No limits and restrictions
Balancer for optimum inspection speed without blockages
Check any numbers imported from a CSV file and save with any filters
The best Number Checker for WhatsApp
100% accurate and High-Speed Validator

Free Check WhatsApp numbers Tool

A simple way to check if a number uses WhatsApp (WA) Messenger.

  • Clear your database of unnecessary numbers
  • Optimize your resources and save time and money
  • Integrate into your application or program
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We help programmers and small businesses automate any WhatsApp function and set it up to run on autopilot with chatbots, group management, bulk messages, polls, goods, orders and more!

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API WhatsApp Customers

Our REST API has been developed for coders to be extremely easy to use and accessible to everyone, regardless of programming language or frameworks. Check out the API documentation to learn how to send bulk messages, work with groups, check account availability, and much more

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“Automation allows you to send automatic responses when people text our numbers.
This serves our customers on Whatsapp 24/7.”

jurgen k. / Web Developer

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“We integrated Whatsapp into our CRM and trained our chatbot to automatically answer common questions.”

foden p. / Developer

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“We made our WhatsApp Bulk Messaging Tool, which helps us easily deliver messages to multiple WhatsApp numbers.”

Kerry T. / CTO

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