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Powerful API for automating key WhatsApp functions: easy integration, support for any programming language, and flexibility in implementing your project.

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It takes 3 steps to get started to use WhatsApp API with Whapi.Cloud. You will need a phone with WhatsApp Business or regular WhatsApp. Access is granted for 5 days free of charge with an extension for $29 per month if you pay at once for a year. You can always stay on the completely free Sanbox plan!
      Pair your number via QR code in your account;
      Set up your Webhook to send and receive WhatsApp messages;
      Apply our ready-to-use features: send, receive and reply to messages via WhatsApp using the API;
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Desktop with opened account
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Our REST API has been developed for coders to be extremely easy to use and accessible to everyone, regardless of programming language or frameworks. Check out the API documentation to learn how to send bulk messages, work with groups, check account availability, and much more

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“Automation allows you to send automatic responses when people text our numbers.
This serves our customers on Whatsapp 24/7.”

jurgen k. / Web Developer

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“We integrated Whatsapp into our CRM and trained our chatbot to automatically answer common questions.”

foden p. / Developer

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“We made our WhatsApp Bulk Messaging Tool, which helps us easily deliver messages to multiple WhatsApp numbers.”

Kerry T. / CTO

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Frequently Asked Question

Need A Support?

Messages that you send through our system are delivered with a physical phone that you own. In order for us to send messages using your phone, we need you to link it with a QR Code that we will provide when you start that process. You can revoke that permission at any point from your phone's WhatsApp.

$35 / month is the payment for connecting to service 1 account WhatsApp.

Yes, you can. Use the /sendFile method instead of the message (sendMessage) method in the link to the token. Send only https links (do not send http). The maximum file size is 1 mb. It is better to send large files with a link, not base64.

You can create group and send messages using 'Group Chat Operations' endpoints.

No, you cannot make or receive calls.

5500 messages per hour.

WhatsApp penalizes any number that sends unsolicited messages to their recipients. Your recipients, primarily, are the ones that can put your number at risk.

No. Banning is an action made directly by WhatsApp. We cannot restore your number.

If your number is banned by WhatsApp you won't be able to use it again. The credit that remains in the account will be intact. You can continue using our system normally linking a new number. We can't guarantee that the numbers won't continue getting banned.

There is no difference between using our Automation Platform and your phone. So, our service is just API, to send messages automatically instead of sending them from the phone. There are a few tips to keep in mind to avoid being blocked.