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Integration is no longer available.

However, in order for our customers not to lose the opportunity to automate their messenger, we have released a convenient and cheaper analog - this integration with and Pabbly Connect.

We have fully duplicated all the functionality and will be happy to help you migrate to it.

No-code automation for busy people

Build your WhatsApp Integrations with Zapier

Automate routine WhatsApp tasks such as sending messages, order notifications or customer feedback without writing code. Create unique workflows by connecting WhatsApp with thousands of other apps on Zapier

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WhatsApp Integration Zapier
Automate WhatsApp Messaging

Integrate WhatsApp API to 5000+ Apps

WhatsApp API integration with many apps without coding skills. Integrations with HubSpot, Salesforce, Gmail, Slack, WooCommerce allow you to automate payment collection, appointment booking, sending discount notifications, updating lead status and more with ease and without skills. Zapier supports thousands of very common business programs and applications

  • No restrictions and limits
  • Without moderation and payment for each conversation
  • We will always help you if you have any difficulties
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WhatsApp Zapier Integration

If you want to automate WhatsApp or integrate it anywhere.
For example, you can create a Zap that automatically sends a message to a WhatsApp group when a new task is added to your Trello board. Or you want to save messages from the group to CRM (as leads or as requests).

  • New message
  • Call received
  • Member joined group
  • Member left group
  • New conversation
  • Group message received

  • Send text message
  • Check if a phone number exists
  • Send media message
  • Send group text message
  • Send group media message
  • Get groups
  • Get group participants
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WhatsApp Zapier
Unique Features

Check out the WhatsApp API

We regularly update new features to improve your experience. If you are looking for a missing feature, please contact our support team.

WhatsApp Channel
Create a channel to share updates and connect with your followers directly through our API WhatsApp
WhatsApp Groups
Automate WhatsApp group creation, add and delete members, send messages to the group, receive notifications about any events in the group
Write first
Quick start without moderation gives you full unlimited access to receive and send messages
You can easily track many activities in your WhatsApp with webhooks. These webhooks cover a multitude of events (Messages, Statuses, Chats, Groups, Presences, Calls and more)
Supports Sending & Receiving Media Files
You can send and receive all type of media files including Images, Videos, Documents, Location, Audio , Voice Memo, Stickers.
Orders & Products
Automate the operation of your store right in WhatsApp! Take orders in messenger, forward them to your CRM, send order statuses back to WhatsApp
Highly Scalable
250+ Through Put Per Second (TPS) with 99.5% Uptime. Send & Receive up to 100 messages in a minute, with the ability to scale this value
WhatsApp Mass Checker
Mass checking the existence of numbers in WhatsApp (whether they have WhatsApp installed). Check any numbers from any country
Get Display Name & Picture
Whenever someone sends messages get their public display name and profile picture
WhatsApp Statuses (like Stories)
Our API Status lets you share text, photo, video, and GIF updates that disappear after 24 hours. You can send and receive status updates
Get Real Time Delivery & Read Reports
You will get the exact and realtime delivery, read, play reports of the messages sent
Connection via phone number
You can now link a device using your primary account phone number and a one-time code. Up to 4 linked devices can be linked without the need to keep your primary phone connected
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API WhatsApp Customers

Our REST API has been developed for coders to be extremely easy to use and accessible to everyone, regardless of programming language or frameworks. Check out the API documentation to learn how to send bulk messages, work with groups, check account availability, and much more

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of user requests we process with a high level of stability

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“Automation allows you to send automatic responses when people text our numbers.
This serves our customers on Whatsapp 24/7.”

jurgen k. / Web Developer

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“We integrated Whatsapp into our CRM and trained our chatbot to automatically answer common questions.”

foden p. / Developer

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“We made our WhatsApp Bulk Messaging Tool, which helps us easily deliver messages to multiple WhatsApp numbers.”

Kerry T. / CTO

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